When it comes to asphalt, HAMM
paves the way.

To most, it may just look like a road, but we see it as safe travels for your family. From the plant to the paver, every step is carefully monitored to ensure safety and precision. You have places to go, and we have the great responsibility to get you there safe and sound. 

HAMM asphalt uses state-of-the-art equipment and performs quality control testing on all of our asphalt mixes. The material we produce for your project will meet all required specifications whether it is for a commercial, city, county, or state asphalt mix design.


In our fast-paced world, few things are more frustrating than a roadblock. HAMM works tirelessly to keep the job on time and in budget while always providing first-rate quality and expertise. Utilizing the most technologically-advanced equipment and environmentally-safe materials, you can trust HAMM to do it right the first time.

From municipalities, to county, state, and privately-owned infrastructure, the HAMM crew does it all: Pavement Maintenance / Asphalt Patching / Asphalt Surfacing / Seal Coating / Parking Lots

Cold Milling

HAMM asphalt’s skilled professionals utilize the most technologically advanced equipment to remove damaged or worn pavements at partial or full depth for the purpose of patching or overlaying. When milling partial depth, the resulting textured pavement can be used immediately as a driving surface, limiting the disruption of traffic. Nearly 100 percent of the asphalt removed by the milling process is recycled off-site and used in the production of our hot mix asphalt. This process saves our customers money and reduces our carbon footprint.


LocationAddressPhone Number
Lawrence3701 E 23rd St, Lawrence, KS 66046Estimates: 785.806.4674
Main Plant: 785.312.2105
Topeka2530 NW Menoken Rd., Topeka, KS 66618785.597.5111

The actions we take today impact our world tomorrow, which is why we stand by our promise - safe material management for a sound future. Safe. Sound. HAMM.

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Our full-time safety manager makes sure we comply with federal, state, MSHA, OSHA rules and regulations, while keeping our employees up-to-date on training. We pride ourselves in creating a culture that eliminates workplace accidents and injuries, ensuring everyone goes home safe every night. That’s what makes us Safe. Sound. HAMM.