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Hamm Quarry, based in Perry, Kansas, provides quality finished limestone products that are required by the Kansas economy. For over 70 years, Hamm Quarry has been a reliable producer of construction aggregates used in concrete, asphalt paving, foundations for building pads and homes as well as used to cover miles of county and township roads.

Hamm Quarry is a member of the Kansas Aggregate Producers Association (KAPA) and the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA).

A stone project completed by Hamm Quarry


Many types of rock material can be used on your driveway.  Hamm is available to help you pick the stone you want and calculate the volume needed for your project.

There are three basic rock products available to be placed on a driveway.  For a new driveway on a dirt base, a 3: lift of rock base material should be placed as a foundation layer.  Although the 3” base material is “big” to drive a car on, it provides the foundation needed for your driveway to ensure it will be there for many years to come.  Over the base material, we recommend a layer of 1 1/2” Road Stone in order to provide a smooth driving surface.  At this point your driveway is ready for general purpose use.  If you want a cleaner look to your new driveway add a finish layer of 1” Washed on the top of the other layer to give it a finished and clean look.  

To estimate the amount of stone needed, simply enter the dimensions of your project into the calculator below.  The calculator will total the tons necessary for your project:

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Hamm is proud to be a member and have employees which are active in industry and professional organizations: